Sewer flushing in our properties

We want to inform you that we will soon be conducting a sewer flushing in the property's pipelines.

As a housing cooperative, it’s essential for us to ensure that the drainage systems in our properties are flushed at intervals of approximately 5 years. The process begins with flushing all the drains in the apartments located at the lowest level of the building, extending all the way to the main collection pipe at ground or basement level. Once this step is completed, the technician progresses upwards through the building, handling each apartment progressively. This continues until every vertical pipe and all branch lines have been thoroughly high-pressure flushed.

Important for residents!

To conduct the sewer flushing efficiently and safely, we need access to all apartments on the day the work is carried out. This is necessary to minimize the risk of flooding and to ensure that all pipes are thoroughly flushed.

You should have received more detailed information about the timing of the visit to your apartment in your mailbox. If you haven’t received it, you should contact the board so that you know which day we need to enter your apartment.

If you are unable to be at home during the day when pipe flushing occurs in your entrance, you need to put the outer door in a so-called service mode. A common way to put the outer door in service mode is to remove the key from the door slightly before the key is turned a full turn.

  • When the lock is in normal mode, only the tenant’s key can be used.
  • When the lock is in service mode, one of BRF Silverdalsbacken’s general keys can be used.
Why do we need to conduct a sewer flushing?

Sewer flushing is a vital maintenance measure aimed at cleaning and removing any blockages or sediment that may have accumulated in our drainage pipes over time. It extends the lifespan of the pipes and is done to avoid the risk of unwelcome blockages and flooding, which in turn can lead to moisture damage and high costs.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the sewer flushing, please feel free to contact us,